Delivery and Supplier Data: How Reliable Is Your Supplier?

Go ahead, play around.

This data can be a game-changer for your business. After all, dropshipping deliveries caused at least a couple headaches earlier this year as numerous suppliers temporarily were forced to close because of coronavirus.

Luckily, most suppliers are back to operating at full capacity. But to double-check if your suppliers are up-and-running – or to scout out a potential supplier’s performance – dig into the data below.

Among other things, you can:

– See how long shipments take to specific countries.
– Get the low-down on specific suppliers’ performance.
– Compare timeframes – are shipments happening more quickly now than they were in, say, mid-March.

If there are more data point that you’d be interested in, just let us know in the comments.

NOTE: You can click here and navigate the report in your browser!

A couple quick notes:

– Data will be updated weekly on Mondays.
– Data only reflects orders placed with Oberlo.

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