The uses of the internet are wide and varied, including finding information, keeping in touch with loved ones, and watching movies. It’s no wonder the number of internet users worldwide has risen in recent years.

A good online experience stems from having fast and reliable internet connection speeds. This raises the question: Which country has the fastest internet?

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Internet speed ranking by country and territory

According to the latest data on internet speed ranking, Singapore has the world’s fastest internet. Its average download speed on fixed internet connections is 219.01 Mbps (megabits per second). In other words, it would take around 4.5 seconds to download a one-gigabyte file in Singapore. 

To put Singapore’s fast internet speed in perspective, we need to look at the global average. Worldwide, the average internet speed is 69.14 Mbps—around one-third of Singapore’s. 

Second on the list of countries and territories with the world’s fastest internet is Chile. Its download speed is 211.43 Mbps, which means, like in Singapore, it would take just under five seconds to download a one-gigabyte file. This is followed by Thailand, with a download speed of 188.75 Mbps. 

Hong Kong has the fourth-fastest internet speed in the world. The average download speed there is 179.58 Mbps. Rounding out the top five on the list comparing average internet speeds by country and territory is China, with a download speed of 178.73 Mbps. As the country with the most ecommerce sales worldwide, having a quick online connection in China is important for both consumers and businesses there. 

The United States, the second-biggest ecommerce market worldwide, follows in sixth place at 167.4 Mbps. At 157.54 Mbps, Macau has the seventh-fastest internet speed in the world. Denmark is close behind, in eighth place. It has a download speed of 156.06 Mbps. Denmark also has one of the highest internet uses in the world and is also the country with the fastest internet speed in Europe. 

After Denmark, New Zealand ranks next with an average internet speed of 133.44 Mbps. Japan rounds out the list with a download speed of 131.86 Mbps, just slightly slower than New Zealand’s.

Of the 10 countries and territories on the list comparing the world’s fastest internet, seven are located in Asia and Europe.

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