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Top Beauty Products Female Consumers Buy

Top Beauty Products Consumers Buy

Whether you’re running an ecommerce store selling beauty products or are thinking of starting one, it’s important to keep up with consumers’ changing demands to ensure your brand is in sync with the latest beauty trends. This includes knowing what the top-selling beauty products are.

According to recent research on the purchasing preferences of beauty buyers, the most popular beauty product women buy is skincare products. Nearly seven out of ten women (69 percent) buy them on a regular basis. 

This is followed by make-up and cosmetics with 58 percent, personal grooming products with 57 percent, and hair styling products with 55 percent.

Nail polish and other nail products make up the top five beauty products for women. More than two in five women purchase them frequently. Though not as popular, hair coloring products and exfoliating products also rank among the top beauty products for women.

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Top Beauty Products for Men

Top Beauty Products Male Consumers Buy

Men, on the other hand, have pretty different preferences for beauty products. While skincare products top the list of the top beauty products for women, it’s personal grooming products that men buy the most. In fact, 64 percent of men say they’ve bought personal grooming products recently.

Skincare products (55 percent) and hair styling products (47 percent) come in second and third on the list, with around half of men buying them regularly. 

Here’s how the other top beauty products for men stack up:

  • Exfoliating products: 28 percent
  • Hair coloring products: 22 percent
  • Make-up/cosmetics: 17 percent
  • Nail polish/products: 14 percent
  • Other beauty products: 13 percent

Top Beauty Products: Purchase Factors

When deciding between what beauty products to purchase, buyers value the products’ quality above all else. Nearly seven out of ten consumers (69 percent) list it as an important factor.

Price is also something many consumers consider—65 percent of them say affordability is key. This is followed by the brand reputation with 51 percent, having a clear list of ingredients used to produce the products with 36 percent, and usage instructions with 35 percent.

If you want to get one step ahead of your competitors, selling top beauty products isn’t enough; you need to look to the future and foolproof your brand.

According to research, male beauty buyers want to see more post-workout products on the market, while female beauty buyers are looking forward to using augmented reality to try on makeup.

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